Additional Funeral Business Services

FDMS Has Partnered with Johnson Consulting Group to Offer These Additional Funeral Business Services

PerformanceTracker™ by Johnson Consulting Group

PerformanceTracker™ is a customer satisfaction survey and sales analysis tool offered by Johnson Consulting Group. To ensure the continuous improvement and accountability of your business, nothing is more important than ongoing family customer satisfaction surveys and sales analysis. There is no contract required for this program so you can start understanding your customers better today!

Funeral Home Accounting

Johnson Consulting Group’s Accounting Services offers you the most effective yet practical financial management tools available including comprehensive accounting services, state of the art information management systems, accurate financial statements, customized management reports, and monthly analysis by financial and accounting experts.

Funeral Home Management Consulting

Johnson Consulting Group has a team of seasoned and experienced business executives and financial experts who have successfully owned, operated and managed literally hundreds of funeral homes and cemeteries. Their extensive industry knowledge and experience is used in Management Consulting to assist clients in achieving unprecedented levels of customers service, an optimum workplace environment, recognition as the marketplace leader, and maximum financial performance.

Business Valuation

Johnson Consulting Group’s sophisticated funeral home and cemetery valuation system provides an in-depth profile of your funeral home business and compares that to the current industry trends, revealing exactly how much your business is worth at any time, in any type of marketplace.

Business Loans

Johnson Consulting Group will work with you to put a loan or finance package together that will educate lenders on the cash flow potential of funeral businesses. Johnson Consulting has developed a funeral home business loan and financing program that helps qualified buyers and existing owners find financing for all sorts of situations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Johnson Consulting Group has helped thousands of funeral home and cemetery businesses make the best of their buying and selling opportunities. As a valued partner in these transactions, Johnson Consulting will help business owners evaluate the relative merits of the options available and determine the best time to act. Johnson Consulting Group are the professionals to turn to before making the decision of a lifetime.

Business Training Library

Johnson Consulting Group has one of the largest funeral business training libraries in the business. Continual improvement in the areas of Workplace, Marketplace, Customer Service and Financial goals is critical to the continued success of a business. Johnson Consulting will also tailor a customized training solution to fit your needs.