Our Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

We strive to be the leading software solutions to funeral homes across North America by providing “Total Solutions” in every aspect of the funeral process. We will accomplish this through Experience, People, Systems, Process, Measurement, and Accountability.

Value Promise

Through our services our clients will achieve Increased profitability, Increased customer satisfaction, and an Increased value for their business!

Our Core Values

At FDMS, we will not veer from these values that separate us from our competition and allow us to deliver the most professional services possible to our clients.

Listen – We listen closely to our clients and are responsive to their needs. We understand that each client is unique and we must thoroughly assess all pertinent information to meet or exceed their specific objectives.

Experience – We are willing to learn new concepts in order to increase our experience and knowledge, which are two of our most valuable assets. We stay abreast of new products and services in our profession. We provide opportunities for our staff to further their industry education and knowledge.

Attention to detail – We strive for perfection just as our client’s customers expect perfection of them. We are ready and willing to improve our systems and procedures to achieve this goal. Our product and service is a direct influence on our reputation.

Timeliness – We understand the utmost importance of achieving established timelines for project completion.

Follow Through – When our clients and co-workers ask for assistance, we follow through without fail. Through this we can be highly dependable to all.

Initiative “Owning our Work” – We, individually and as a company, take ownership of each client and project assigned. We accomplish this by being self-starters, innovative, and creative when necessary to provide the highest level of customer service and products to our clients and co-workers.

Organized – We know that only by being highly organized can we continue to grow as individuals and as a company.

Positive Attitude – We always maintain a positive attitude. By being compassionate, understanding, and treating everyone with the utmost respect, we are always willing to help our clients and co-workers when called upon.

Professional – Our products and services will always portray the highest professionalism. We portray that same level of professionalism in ourselves and our brand with members of our industry.