FDMS Reports and Custom Reports

FDMS Reports and Features

While everyone can use the same great program, it doesn’t mean that every organization operates their business the same way. As a manager you probably don’t view or evaluate your businesses the same way either. FDMS® Pro comes with over 114 standard forms and reports as part of the standard set-up package.

But what if you need something extra? FDMS® Pro also offers at an additional fee customized reports to suit your needs. Let FDMS® help you make the most of your data.

Below is a list of some of the more popular reports within FDMS®:

Case Specific Reports

Contract Letter
Prayer Card - No Tab
VA Burial Benefits
VA Flag Application
VA Headstone Form

At Need Reports

At Need List Report
Unposted Cases
Schedule Report

Pre Need Reports

Pre Need Active by Counselor
Pre Need Deposits by Counselor
Pre Need Status Report

Accounting Reports

A/R Aging Report
Professional Services Report
Sales Tax Report
Full Sale Report
Cash Deposit Journal

Inventory Reports

Inventory Master Report
Inventory Sales Report - 2