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Jake Johnson Announces Transition of FDMS Ownership to 15 Year Employee and
Co-Owner, Santosh Chaudhary

Scottsdale, AZ, [October, 2019]

On Monday, September 30th, 2019 Jake Johnson, President and CEO of Funeral Director’s Management System (FDMS), announced the successful sale and transfer of his ownership to his long-standing partner, Santosh Chaudhary.

“Johnson Consulting Group continuously explores avenues to further provide services and technology to the funeral profession” says Jake Johnson, “With our current deal flow and opportunities I feel that the best support for the FDMS customers was to transfer my ownership to FDMS’s most valuable and experienced resource, Santosh Chaudhary. I’m excited to see Santosh continue his passion with FDMS customers as he has since 2006.”

With over a decade of experience at FDMS, Santosh is honored to have had the opportunity to step into the role of full ownership and looks forward to what 2020 and the coming years will bring to the software with the current momentum the company has.

“I’ve been with FDMS since 2006, and it’s always been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to take these solutions to the next level,” says Chaudhary, new owner of FDMS, “My working relationship with Jake Johnson has been great. Working alongside him prepared me for this transition, and I am thankful.”

In 2015, FDMS Holdings, LLC acquired FDMS with Jake Johnson as majority owner. Chaudhary has also been a partner/owner since 2015 and has worked closely on developments that resulted in major improvements for FDMS. A few of the initial updates included the rewrite of source code and application framework.

In 2016, additional development resources were hired that continued to move the needle and resulted in FDMS having a disaster recovery process and a seamless integration with well-known products, including Johnson Consulting Group’s Performance Tracker software. More recently, in 2018 FDMS added new product features, including inventory tracking, document storage, sales tax reporting, automated resources, and custom reports.

“Santosh Chaudhary is a fantastic business partner,” says Jake Johnson, “I know the software will continue to be in great hands with Santosh at the helm.”

“This year several major updates went live, including new sidebar navigation, 50+ newly designed reports and forms and more exciting design and user-friendly improvements, including the launch of My Data Set and enhancements to the service and relatives tab,” says Chaudhary.

As for 2020 updates to FDMS, there are plenty of reasons current FDMS clients should be looking forward to the future, as there are many exciting updates in the roadmap that will continue to improve user experience.

About FDMS

FDMS has been providing funeral home case management software solutions since 1981 and is owned and operated by some of the most experienced funeral professionals in the industry. As the first of its kind, FDMS offers expertise and technical capabilities that meet the needs of individual or multi-location funeral homes across the U.S. and in Canada.

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